Really worked for me: By Sandra

  • New York City, NY,
  • Oct 25, 2016

"I was totally skeptical about CuraPerfect but was surprised to see the lines on my upper lip, around the eyes and even the deep furrows on my forehead smooth over completely within a minute of application. I know copper is good for your skin and helps with collagen production but think the action of this probably has more to to with a physical tightening, perhaps through polymerization.

I showed this to a few other people, and they were really amazed at how quickly the effect was seen, and how it erased the furrows of my forehead. It leaves your skin with a tight feeling afterward where it is applied, and does last for hours as long as you don't put anything oily on top of it, I was fine with a water-based moisturizer and makeup."

Bottom Line: "Yes, I would recommend this to a friend"